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  • What are the types of bicycle safety lights?

    Headlight. It's essential. It's a safe way to drive at night. Install a light holder on the front of the car and plug the charging LED into the holder. Because it is rechargeable, there is no need to replace the battery, and the LED consumes less power, can be long time lighting, and can adjust the focal length, lighting distance can be adjusted, very convenient.
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  • Do you know how to choose the right bike light?

    Bicycle lights can be roughly divided into self-electric type and battery powered type, and self-electric type can be divided into tire friction power generation and flower drum built-in generator power generation two types; Battery-powered bicycle lights can be divided into battery and lamp separation and battery and lamp body.
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  • Tips for cycling at night

    In summer, the sultry heat in the daytime makes many friends unwilling to exercise, but the cool temperature in the evening and night makes everyone choose a variety of fitness activities. Recently, I saw that there are a lot of cycling enthusiasts meeting together on the seaside Boulevard, in groups of three or even dozens of people. The wooden plank road by the sea is balustraded and not allowed to ride. We are all on the road. Today, I would like to give you some tips for night riding, hoping to help you to ride safely.
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  • Faster, longer, crazier! 10 world records for cycling

    "Do you know when the world's first bicycle race was held? It was the moment the world's second bicycle was made."
    Ever since the invention of bicycles, riders have been obsessed with breaking records, from the distance travelled in an hour to the time it took to travel around the world. Riders are constantly pushing their physical and mental limits to go faster and farther.
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  • Talk about the main construction and details of the largest safety helmet for riding

    Riding on the road, ride on unlimited perfect feeling, hard to avoid a where a carelessly we all unexpected safety problems, such as the fall down and crash safety, can't ride bike like a car can have airbag safety equipments such as pop up automatically when danger comes, to protect our security, so, We should have the awareness of protecting our own safety, especially the awareness of protecting our head. In the process of riding, we must be equipped with professional helmets to protect our head safety.
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